EcoTourism Pilot Projetcs for the Anse Royale District

On 27th September 2003 (Tourism Day) the first Seychelles Ecotourism Strategy (SETS 21) was launched by Ms Simone de Comarmond at Anse Royale. The strategy itself calls for the establishment of a Multi-Stake Holder Committee to ensure the effective implementation of the various envisaged projects. Soon after its launch the National Ecotourism Committee (NEC) met twice.

In April 2005 the portfolio responsibility for Ecotourism was transferred to STMA/STB and since then it has not met nor has there been any tangible follow action.

In the meantime we continue to talk loud about Ecotourism in Seychelles in our promotional efforts and in our marketing strategy without paying much attention to the enhancement of our overall Ecotourism product itself.

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