Open to the public on 31st August 2008 after eight years in the making from scratch, Kot Man-Ya is part of the Anse Royale Ecotourism pilot initiative, administered under The Ecotourism Society of Seychelles (TESS), as called for by the SETS 21 – The Seychelles Ecotourism Blueprint for the 21st Century.

It is among the first steps in really bringing tourism activities to the community and offers a unique and different experience of Seychelles for discerning nature lovers and local flower enthusiasts alike. With their ravishing elegance, sparkling colours, bold geometric lines and symmetrical perfection, the flower heads of exotic tropicals cater for the ultimate in floral brilliance. “Tropicals” is presently the “in” word all across the globe.

It includes Heliconia, Gingers, Anthuriums and miscellaneous such as Mussa Bananas, Costus, Calatheas and fanciful jungle foliage; e.g. Caladiums and Ti leaves. Originating from the South Central American Rain Forest, South East Asia and the South Pacific Islands, today tropicals are setting the scene for celebrations, as a way to express love, to say thank you or I am sorry. But above all they are simply there to lift the spirit in their natural state where whether young and old, each will find his or her own special delight at Kot Man-Ya in peace and tranquillity, of in a local community setting. In addition to over 200 varieties of tropicals and orchids, Kot Man-Ya is also the sweet home of giant tortoises, guinea pigs, rabbits, green geckos, skinks and frogs.

Other attractions include Birds such a the Seychelles Sun Bird, Barred Ground Doves, Madagascar Fody and other migratory species. Fruit trees and medicinal plants such as papaya, bread fruit, passion fruit, star fruit, yams, mangoes, bananas, bilimbi, curry leaves, lemon grass are also in abundance.

Abstract from Isola Bella can be downloaded below