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Official launch of TESS website

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2010 The Way Forward

Greetings to you all.

And welcome to the TESS website.

In the year 2002, I had the honour and the privilege to serve as Chairman of the Committee which formulated and subsequently launched SETS-21, the Seychelles Ecotourism Blueprint for the 21st Century, in September 2003.


Since then the process of building confidence, awareness and understanding about the benefits of ecotourism developments in the Seychelles Islands context, has been ongoing, more so, over the past two years (2008-2009) when I was elected as Chairman of The Anse Royale Ecotourism Committee (TAREC), the founder of TESS which
was constituted to implement pilot projects in the Anse Royale district. 
In demonstrating my personal commitment to the process, for the last decade or so (i.e. since the official launching of Vision 21, the Tourism Blueprint for the 21st Century in December  2001) I dedicated 80% of my weekends creating a rare Exotic Flower Garden, from scratch on the family property, at Les Canelles, Anse Royale. For the last several years such flowers have been gracing the lobbies of offices and tourism establishments of high repute, all across the country, have for the past two years assisted TESS, both morally and financially in building capacity and a strong foundation imperative and necessary for the way forward. Our modest activities are gaining deserved recognition by the international community for which we are most thankful.

On 31st of August 2008 on the occasion of the birthday of my late beloved mother, Marie Sidonie Marengo, after eight years in the making, Kot Man-Ya opened its doors to visitors and continues to cherish their appreciation of a job well done.

The year 2010 is now calling on all of us in the Seychelles Islands to move into action, in effectively addressing the threats of climate change and manmade disasters, affecting our islands, all 115 of them, all different, all unique, all needing protection, preservation and restoration, for our sustainable livelihood.

The need to foster our diverse cultures and traditions which is a major component of our national characteristics has also been seen.

In its quest to bring direct benefits to the local community from the tourism industry (one of the three main pillars of our economy), therefore, TESS is now more prepared, ready and willing to work with all parties concerned (both locals and internationals)in insuring the survival and sustainable use of God’s gifts of Life, to the unique Seychelles Islands on which us as ‘humans’ are so heavenly dependent.

In so doing TESS is convinced that it’s various upcoming activities as called for by PP33 (People’s Products) will contribute further in this direction and that through  we can indeed continue to learn and create together for the benefit of all. We thank you for your continued support.

Let’s enjoy the ride…

Sincerely yours

Marc MRM Marengo
Secretary General of TESS

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