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Saturday, 08 March 2008 00:00

Visit of UNWTO consultant Featured

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Anse Royale has lots of potential for eco-tourism developments

The existing eco-tourism attractions as well as those being developed in the Anse Royale district have a very promising future and would create great opportunities for the community in the tourism industry, Dr Anna Spenceley, a visiting UNWTO consultant has said.

During her nine-day visit here, which ended on Thursday, Dr Spenceley met with various stakeholders in the tourism industry and visited eco-tourism attractions at Anse Royale and other parts of the country.

It is to be noted that these attractions are being developed in the district as part of the Pilot Programme under the Seychelles Eco-tourism Strategy launched in 2003.

Dr Spenceley’s mission here was to assist the country in developing proposals which will allow for it to apply for UNWTO funding for eco-tourism developments.

Commenting on the future of eco-tourism developments in the district, Dr Spenceley said there are great potential and the future looks promising and discussions with the private sector -- both at Anse Royale and neighbouring districts -- show that there is a great demand from established tourism enterprises for the types of entertainment, food, activities and events that Anse Royale could provide.

Dr Spenceley says that her meetings with Anse Royale DA and the Anse Royale Ecotourism Committee (TAREC) was very encouraging and a lot of new ideas were forthcoming.

“The Anse Royale community is very enthusiastic and there is a lot of passion for such developments in the district,” Dr Spenceley said.

She said other areas that hold great potentials for eco-tourism developments are the wetland system and the marine resources involving the local fishermen.

She says that all these developments could provide good opportunities for the community to participate in the tourism industry provided there is a transparent planning process which will allow the inhabitants to participate fully in these activities. She says this issue was discussed during her meetings with TAREC.

Dr Spenceley, who is also an expert in sustainable tourism development, has undertaken similar missions in several countries. From Seychelles, Dr Spenceley flew to Senegal.

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