Striving For Our Seychelles In 2013

Our History: The Corridors Of Power: Humility

During the past 12 months or so we have been tireless in ours endless quest to further analyze, formulate and continue implement sound policies for the sustainable future of our children, ourselves, our Seychelles and our World.

The evaluation of our history, the road travelled, our many accomplishments and deficiencies have been intense whereby in the process recognizing the fact that many of our prevailing setbacks could have been avoided, had we exercised a little more ‘humility’ in the discharge of our daily lives over time for the advancement of all...

To kick start our 2013 ‘Working Hard At Working Smart Series’ therefore we have now found it to be both timely and fitting to showcase and address this highly important Value, most essential for the Building of A Global Movement for Change, as called for by HE Mr Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General United Nations.

We take this opportunity to thank us all for our unconditional support provided to our TESS over the last four years or so and to assure us all of our continued devotion and commitment towards the achievement of a Common Goal, for the sustainable benefit of All.

The Promise

Family Values: The Values Of Respect

The focus of our 2nd edition for 2013 is on the urgent necessity to highly recognize the Value of Respect, in the discharge of our daily lives, for the betterment of that Common Future we want for our Children and our World.

The recent natural and “man-made” tragedies which our Seychelles had to face, experience, endure, resulting into negative consequences needing our immediate attention, is a clear reminder for Us All to redouble our efforts to fully utilize the indispensible Value of Respect (in which ever shape or form) in our actions, in the name of development, progress and comfort.

Our thoughts, prayers and support are for Us All directly or indirectly affected by the tail end of Tropical Cyclone “Felleng”, for Together we can surely get through it much stronger, whereby being better able to mitigate such negative possibilities in the future.

Yes our climate is changing and Yes we must now be fully prepared, ready and willing to face the resulting consequences and challenges to the very best of our abilities.

May the Force Beyond continue to guide us in our related mitigation processes, most essential for our “image de marque” as a whole, for the 50% of our “unprotected” miniature Landmass now require as much, if not more Respect than the protected fifty percent (50%).

The Value Of Integrity

Over the past two years or so TESS has spared no effort in sensitising and inspiring us all on various Social, Moral and Spiritual Values, essentials ingredients in turning still more Possibilities in Realities, for the benefit of that Common Future we want for our children, ourselves, our Seychelles and our World.

The value of Integrity which we are addressing today is considered as the single most important quality which we must develop further to lock in such values and the many others in setting a firm foundation for Character Building, in ensuring the highest quality of work in everything that we do each and every day.

It is indeed the opportune moment to express and convey from the heart, our deepest gratitude to Pope Benedict XVI for his spiritualised human values of integrity, selflessness, Self-givingness, oneness, love, beauty and truth, which over the past eight years have guided the Universal Church. Such values are the nexus for our future progress, for men to seek a better life and to pursue ultimate delight and fulfilment in life.

We pray for his good health and may the Almighty bless him always.

The Journey continues…

The Promise

The Value of Courage

As part of our ongoing “Working Hard at Working Smart” series for 2013, our focus today is on the State or Quality of the Mind that enables us to face danger or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, resolutions and bravery.

In the process we have seen the need for us to recognise the Value of Physical, Moral, Social, Creative and Spiritual Courage, aimed at further transforming Our Society and Ourselves in enabling us to move ahead, to attach deserving Value to our Principles and Convictions.

And with more Creative Courage we will be better able to discover and appreciate new forms, ideas, patterns and symbols not though lack of fear, rather despite fear, in facing up and tackling of the enemy in all its various shapes and forms.

May the Force Beyond continue to provide us with the necessary strength and courage for the betterment of our lives and the lives of our children.

Self-Discipline : The Value Of Persistence

Our focus today is on the Value of Persistence, most important in taking action even when we do not feel like it, in the pursuit of personal growth, for ‘Persistence’ comes not from clinging from the past but from a vision of your future.

In observance of the prevailing Holy Week, in Faith we now pay special tribute to Pope Francis I, Shepherd of the Universal Church and we pray to the Holy Spirit for the success of his Vision and Mission, for renewed efforts for both Christian unity and mankind as a whole.

Easter is a promise God renews to us in each spring and may this most auspicious occasion fill our hearts with peace and joy.

And let this new beginning be of greater prosperity, success and happiness for all.

We now thank the Almighty for his endless blessings.

The journey continues…

Productivity - Make Every Second Count!

Our focus today is on the value of Productivity, namely, on the need to eliminate bad habits, in making every second count, in the discharge of our daily lives.

In the process we take this opportunity to pay Special Tribute to the Iron Lady, Baroness, Margaret Hilda Thatcher, who through her personal strength had the ability to overcome almost every obstacle in her path, broken many conventions as a woman, whereby defining the politics of a whole generation… in further influencing the politics of many generations to come.

And whatever your views of her are, she was a Unique and Towering figure with deep convictions, always prepared, ready and willing to act on them, in attaching much value to every single second of her highly productive life.

Her legacy continues…

Labour Day 2013 - The Quest For Job Satisfaction

Looking back over the past five years and more, it could now be argued that through the many motivational building measures and related appropriate actions (both individually and collectively), our future, the future of our children and that of our world have been enhanced further.

In the process we have also recognised that in order to edge closer towards that brighter future we want for all, much emphasis has had to be placed on the Value of Job Satisfaction, without which our efforts would have ended up as being nothing else but counterproductive.

On this most Auspicious Occasion, when in good faith, it is our right to commemorate and celebrate the fruits of our own sweat, let us also pledge to leave no stone unturned in deriving still more Job Satisfaction, in the discharge of our duties and responsibilities.

Thus, let us now resolve to make full use of the attached most comprehensive and equally useful guidelines for the betterment of our Actions in this direction.

We now pay Special Tribute and Gratitude to our elders who have unconditionally brought us safely this far and we wish Us all hard working people of Our World an enjoyable Labour Day 2013, always with much reflection on the need to strive for still more greener pastures ahead for all.

May The Force Beyond continue to be our Shepherd.

The journey continues…

Climate Change And Food Security

Over the past year or so much attention has been paid to the issue of food security for our Seychelles, whereby there is now a ‘general consensus’ that speedy action must be taken, if we are to remedy the situation towards self-sufficiency, in certain possible areas of food production for local consumption.

And in order to assist us further in this direction, there is now also the need for us to recognise the prevailing effects of Climate Change and Population Growth, which are fast affecting food supply on a global scale, and will continue to worsen, as carbon emissions continue to rise.

While in good faith we are about to celebrate our achievements and progress, the 20th Anniversary of our National Day and the 37th Anniversary of our Independence Day as a Small Island Developing State, now compel us to also reflect deeply on such prevailing, pressing issues pertaining to our ‘mere survival’ “at a time when food supply is more vulnerable that it has ever been”.

We wish us all a happy 20th National Day and a joyous Independence Day 37.

May the Force Beyond continue to be our shepherd.

The journey continues...

Self-Development: The Power of Choice

Over the past five years or so, we have spared no effort in further our awareness and understanding of the various values pertaining to the betterment of “Self”, essential in the effective discharge of our duties and responsibilities for the benefit of all.

They include issues relating to self-esteem, self-reliance, self-discipline and the like and our effort in this direction would be incomplete without us paying particular attention to the important issue of self-development. This is now being done with particular focus on The Power Of Choice, at a time when Our World is facing unprecedented instability, insecurity and turmoil in literally every corner of our globe, needing our undivided attention in making the right choices, in addressing such threats to mankind, during this prevailing period of relative scarcity and uncertainty.

And we now pray for our brothers and sisters of the Republic of Egypt for a passive, peaceful and lasting solution for their ongoing painful problems.

The journey continues...

Self-Improvement – The Value of Promises

It will be recalled that to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of TESS, the focus of our last  episode was on the Power of Choice, as a necessary means for Self-Improvement, during this prevailing period of global uncertainty and insecurity, be it, personal, social, economical, political environmental and the equally important others.

In the process, we have come to realize that such adverse consequences are partly due to the many of our ongoing unkept Promises, which if not addressed appropriately could pose a grave danger to civilization, as we know it today.

And to address such negative trends, let us now pledge to consider “slipups” as visible moral mistakes in our minds, whereby being better able to increase our Promise keeping rate, in making Integrity a top value for ourselves and our children, future of mankind.

The journey continues...

Climate Change: The State Of Hawaii (USA)… The Islands Of Aloha

Our focus today is on what could be considered as the negative effects of Climate Change impacting on the “developed” Island State of Hawaii (USA)…from which our Seychelles and other Small Island Developing States (SIDS) could benefit through the lessons being learned, whereby bettering our very own ongoing mitigation processes, plans and related actions.

As a born and raised devout farmer/horticulturalist and now florist myself, I can vouch that the “unprecedented” negative effects of the prevailing 2013 South East Monsoons, (be it drought, temperature fluctuations and wind velocity) have affected production (both quality and quantity) and that the reproductive cycle of flowering plants has now become most erratic.

Thus while we continue to look for long term solutions to this worsening problem on a global and regional scale, as promised by the Rio+20 Plan of Action, the enhancement of our related joint efforts at the Local Level is now also of an Imperative Necessity.

In this vein we have the honour to express our full support to Sir James Richard Marie Mancham (KBE), PhD, 1st President of the Republic of Seychelles, Ambassador for Peace, Author of the Seychelles Global Citizen, towards his mission to create an international museum on the Aldabra Atoll, one of our priceless world heritage sites during this period of global environmental uncertainty impacting heavily on the eco-system of our unique island archipelago. 

We wish us all of the Christian faith, a happy and a most reflective feast of the Assumption of Mary and we pray for some much needed fresh rain water.

The journey continues...

Climate Change: Make Create Innovate… Flood Damage: The $1 Trillion Q & A Process

As part of our ongoing Climate Change series, our focus today is on Sea Level Rise, Storminess and other Natural Disasters resulting into flood damage impacting on Major Coastal Cities and on the urgent global for global investments toward mitigation processes, if we are to preserve our heritage.

This Necessity is being projected at a time when 95% of the world’s practicing climate scientists agree that human activities over the past 250 years are responsible for the slide in the health of the ecosystem of Spaceship Earth… our one and only home.

Now, where does our Seychelles fit into this equation?

Here in our Seychelles, the grave and costly consequences of the recent flooding from heavy rains are still being felt and that our coastline and low level flat plains/atolls continue to be under serious threat, needing our continued undivided attention and concrete Action, for there is now simply no other viable alternative.

And since We have caused it to happen, the time for Us to fix it is NOW, for tomorrow may not be, but will be too late to do so.

The journey continues...

The Value of Encouragement

Our focus today is on the value of Encouragement: an imperative necessity that everyone of us needs for the effective discharge of our duties and responsibilities in making our world a better place for all, during this prevailing period of global uncertainty and insecurity.

In the process let us always remember those who helped change our lives and to always give people encouragement, be they our parents, lawyers, doctors, mates, bosses, children or even strangers, in  making them feel worthwhile and appreciated.

And let us continue to better showcase our sincere interest in helping one another overcome our challenges for the achievement of our dreams and a better future for all.

The journey continues...

Our History: Understanding Legacy

Special tribute to the late Mrs Denise Antat nee Denis

It will be recalled that over the past two years or so, we have spared no effort in giving due recognition to both Seychellois and world leaders (past and present) icons who through the effective application of their Moral and Spiritual values have contributed immensely in making our world a better place for human kind.

Today, we have the honour to honour a simple member of our community who through her hard work ethics was able to be at the service of five British Governors of our Seychelles, during our Colonial Era.

Indeed her dedication and loyalty as a housekeeper to such high profile dignitaries for such a long period deserve our attention and appreciation, in our continuous quest to better our lives and those of many generations to come.

And her journey continues...

Time Management: Finding Your Life Purpose

“I am a campaigner of education, I am a children’s rights activist and I am a women’s rights activist.”

Malala Yousafzai | 16 year old Education activist |Contender for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize

Our focus today is on the important value of Time Management as an indispensable ingredient for us to better discover our true purpose (both individually and collectively) in our journey of life.

And in order to find our purpose, we now need to look closer at the things we love to do. What makes us tick? To figure out where we draw our internal energy from and where our gifts and talents are best used.

In this vein, everything we say, do, think and act on should serve to complement our purpose… surely not take away from it.

We are confident that such a showcase we’ll be most useful, to better plan our activities for 2014 early, in ensuring much better results for personal satisfaction, above all for the benefit of all.

The journey continues…

Achieving Retirement Independence

Retirement planning should be an exciting time of your life. Thinking in advance though, and acting on those thoughts, are keys to being ready for the future when it turns inexorably into the present.

How much would I need for my retirement in order to live comfortably? What are my goals? Where should I start? How much can I count on Social Security? What costs might I run into, once I have actually retired?

These are questions we all need to ask; questions that we often wait too long to ask, especially when our minds are more often than not preoccupied with this minute’s conversation, today’s projects, tonight’s movies, and tomorrow’s meetings…

It is said that “the best time to think about retirement is before the boss does”. We are confident, therefore that our focus today will inspire us all to plan our retirement early, so as to remain independent thereafter, to take care of ourselves without being a burden on our children and our community.

The journey continues…

Managing Change: Finding Your Personal Strengths

2014 is fast approaching and the time is now ripe to start taking stock of our achievements this far, whereby being better prepared, able and willing to face the challenges, opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead in this fast changing Global Environment of today; full of uncertainty and insecurity.

In this vein there is now the need for us to asses our individual inborn strengths and to understand what they mean on a personal and practical level for continued success.

In the process we will be better able to gain clarity on the kind of tasks that are well suited to us and those that are a struggle for us.

And working from our strengths will help us (1) be far more productive, (2) get better results, (3) contribute more value, (4) attract higher compensation, (5) enjoy our work, and (6) experience greater fulfillment for the benefit of All.

The journey continues...

Learning from our Elders

Today we take time to pay homage to our seniors, while we learn new ways to survive in this Old World. Whether they are the caregiver or the person receiving the benefits of care, they deserve to be recognized.

While each of us is looking at our life and thinking about how much we know and have learned, stop for one minute and think about the elder generation and what they have learned and what they could teach us.

Secondly we take this opportunity to express our sincere sympathy, condolences and support to our brothers and sisters of the Republic of the Philippines for their immense loss of human lives, and heavy unpredicted damage and destruction of infrastructure and properties, due to the restless natural (man-made) disasters, affecting this Pacific Sister Island Archipelago.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

The journey continues...

2014: Raising The Bar: Cultivating Self-Esteem

As it has been advocated over and over again in our previous episodes, we parents have the duty to always instill in our children a higher level of Self-Esteem in the discharge of their daily lives.

In so doing, they will be better able to develop greater self-confidence, self-motivation and a positive self-image, whereby being better able to address issues pertaining to "dysfunctional environment, disastrous relationships, physical abuse, emotional, verbal, psychological, sexual abuse, addiction, personal failure, chronic illness, neglect and put down”… just to name a few.

Our pledge therefore is for us (both individually and collectively) to devote much of our attention in 2014 to this most important issue, in our endless quest to mitigate the multiple and endless social ills which continue to “plague” our Small Island State Community…Our Seychelles.

Since “the future we want” demands that it be so, we simply have no other choice but to fully keep our promises in this direction, in the days, months and years ahead.

May the Force Beyond continue to guide us.

The journey continues...

The Pinnacle of Excellence : Wisdom : Tribute to the late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (18 July 1918 – 05 December 2013)

“Year’s end in and end nor a beginning, but a going on with all the Wisdom that Education can instill in us”. As such it is now proper for us ALL to reflect deeply on 2013, so as to now build wisely on our achievements, in our endless quest for the betterment of that Common Future we want for all, in 2014 and beyond.

To pave the way forward, our focus today is on the Value of Wisdom: The Pinnacle of Excellence: (first issued on 20th December 2012).

To showcase its high importance, we now have the honour and privilege to pay special tribute to His Excellency the late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (nickname Madiba) for his life long struggle against apartheid in South Africa from 1948 until his election as the 1st Black President of the Republic in 1994, and for his priceless contributions towards the betterment of our Continent and our World, as a whole.

Madiba, we are most grateful for your decades’ long sacrifices, struggles and triumphs. Rest assured that your exceptional wisdom, guidance and spirit will forever be a major component of our foundation in building that Global Movement for Change as called for by Mr. Ban Ki-moon: the United Nations Secretary General [UNSG].

And without doubt your great deeds will continue to fill our hearts and soul with much more conviction, devotion, hard work and love, for more progress, happiness, peace and prosperity for all…

May your sweet soul rest in peace.

Your journey continues and will continue always…