A Healthy Nation is a Wealthy Nation

Hope the attached TESS Newsletter No.1 of 2011 on "A HEALTHY NATION IS A WEALTHY NATION" could be useful for the betterment of our daily lives.

The Benefits of Horticulture Therapy

Our focus today is on the benefits of Horticulture Therapy.
Hope you'll find it useful for the betterment of our daily lives.

Management Strategies

Our briefings this week are on Management Strategies and the meaning of Love...
Hope you will find them useful.

The Power of Green Tea

Our focus today is on the Powerful Health Benefits of Green Tea, namely the 25 reasons why we should start drinking Green Tea Now.
Hope you’ll find them useful.

Leadership Strategies

Our Communication Briefings today are on Leadership Strategies. Hope you'll find them useful in our continuous quest to win big for Seychelles.
We wish you all a happy, enjoyable, peaceful and successful Carnival weekend.

Healing Power of Indian Spices

Today we give prominence to Healing Power of Indian Spices...
Hope they are found to be useful for the betterment of our lives.
Time to 'spice it up..!' just a little...

The Eco-Capital of the World

Innovation, Recognition and Appreciation

Our focus today is on Innovation, Recognition and Appreciation by our cherished visitors to Kot Man-Ya... to whom we express our utmost gratitude.

May Day 2011

Labour Day is here again and we wish you all hard working good people a joyous weekend.

The attached message could be useful for our future endeavors, together in faith.

International Children’s Day


Hope you’ll find the attached thoughts on the ‘Enhancement of our social, moral and spiritual values’ useful for the benefit of our children and ourselves…of course.

100th Session of the International Labour Conference (ILO)

“A New Era of Social Justice”

Our focus today is on “A New Era of Social Justice “as called for by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and our common values for success.
We take this opportunity to extend our very best wishes for the success of the 18th Anniversary of the Third Republic – our National Day.
And a weekend of thoughts, much love and happiness always.

Independence 35

The Social Value of Material Wealth and Comfort

Today we focus on the Social Values of material wealth and comfort in relations to sustainable living and the quest for excellence.
Have a fruitful weekend.


The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Our focus today is on Obesity, The Tree of Life and the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil.
Hope it could be useful for the betterment of our daily lives and for the enhancement of our sustainable livelihood as a Small Island Developing Nation.
Have a enjoyable weekend.

The Quest For Happiness

Today we thank you for your positive feedback on Newsletter No.12 of 2011 pertaining to the health benefits of the Tree of Life.
We explore eight factors that influence rates of the intrinsic value Health, Happiness and Depression.
And we convey our sincere wishes for the success of the 8th Indian Ocean Island Games.
"Think Happy, Act Happy, Be Happy"

The Power of Personal Values

Getting to Know Them

As part of our "Value Series" and as a follow-up on the success of the 8th Indian Ocean Games, today we give due recognition to the Power of Personal Values...whereby building further on our many accomplishment in 2011 and beyond...
For the "show must go on...!

The Anse Royale Coastal Protection Project

The Promise Fulfilled

Our focus today is on the Anse Royale Coastal Protection Project - A Mission Spearhead by TESS since October 2007.
Hope you'll find it useful in our continuous quest to protect our coastline from Sea-level Rise and Man-Made disasters for the benefit of all.

Flower Power 

As part of our ‘culture series’ as called for by the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics – Under the theme “Tourism – Linking Culture” for 2011 and beyond, our focus is on “Exotic Tropicals – The Flower of the “Gods”.

Our next focus will be on gingers, e.g. Alpenia Purpurata.

Let’s do it with flowers.

Have another nice Creole weekend.

Kot Man-Ya: The Brand

Today we focus our attention on Flowering Ginger Plants.
The objectives  are to further stimulate and promote the enjoyment and understanding of Tropicals, whereby enabling us to gain more knowledge on the types of plants worth collecting for propagation and related community benefits.

Let’s do it with flowers…

Our next focus will be on Musa  - The Bananas and plantains.

Year 2012: Rio + 20: An Eye on The Amazon

As part of our “Culture Series”, today our focus is on the value of the Rain Forests of the world for the sustainability of our common future, especially now that “climate change” is king…
We do hope that our modest contribution can be useful for the on-going preparatory processes leading to the Rio + 20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development to held in the city in June 2012.

Have a pleasurable weekend.

Year 2012: Rio + 20: The Future We Want
The Green Economy

As part of our culture series, today we focus our attention on the most popular fruit in the world, an essential commodity for food security and healthy lifestyle which can easily be grown in home gardens.

Best and Worst of 2011: Moving into 2012

2011 has been a highly eventful year for Our World, and the Republic of Seychelles had its fair share of it, whereby much inspiration, confidence and motivation were required in the face of such realities.
Today TESS wishes to express its sincere thanks to all its readers, associates and partners for your unconditional co-operation and support which have enable us to register much progress in our endless quest for sustainable livelihood for all, in particular to the less fortunate and the most vulnerable of our community.
It has been our pleasure to serve you...

Please accept our very best wishes for a Peaceful, Prosperous and Happy 2012.