As called for by SETS-21, over the last eight years or so TESS has undertaken a comprehensive sensitisation  program both at the national and local level, including seminars, workshop and media presentations, so as to target all stakeholders including the public and the private sector, NGOS, the local community, tourism operators, visitors and the diplomatic community.

Through its bi-monthly E-Newsletters, no effort has been spared in building much awareness and understanding pertaining to ecotourism and sustainable tourism, in general, one of the main pillars of our local economy.

In the process much focus has also been place on the development on our “sense of purpose” in enabling us to get in touch with our values, so as to develop a better “sense of direction”, motivate performance, promote unity, and improve our moral and spiritual values, in enabling us to be better able to live our lives more intentionally, with much more integrity, in better aligning what we do with what we believe in for the benefit of all.

Such an ongoing process has enabled us to continuously undertake a better evaluation of self, in “making a difference” both individually and collectively, for the benefit of our Small Island Nation and its people.


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